Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I remember in high school when my teachers would set up a TV or computer with the eagle's nest live camera so we could watch during class, hoping that we could see the eggs hatch and watch the little baby eagles get bigger.  This was one of my favorite things, and encouraged everyone's love of nature.  Naturally, when I stumbled upon this website, I couldn't believe it! has so many live footage options for buffalos, sharks, lions, dogs, fish, rainforests, and deserts.   I clicked on every single live feed just to see how they were set up and if the animals were in sight.  My favorite live cam is linked below, and I couldn't even look away- it's an X Ray cam!  When I was watching just now, it showed X-Ray techs doing an X-Ray on a tiger.  Seriously, I would have loved this website as a first graders. And a junior high-er.  And now.


This website could be used for units on types on animals or different parts of the world- or simply something to show in the background for students who might thrive with a little more action.

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